Are you in the right place?

Do you want more to be more present with your partner or children, and more calm at work?

Are you ready to stop overthinking or fixating on the to-do list?

Do you want to feel more confident and fulfilled?

Then you are in the right place.

Mindfulness can help you feel more calm and connected to those you love. You just need the tools to make space for it ... and that's my speciality.

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  • You deserve to feel deep connection and fulfillment every day.
  • Mindfulness isn't magic. It's a set of skills you can learn. And meditation isn't the only way.
  • When you can balance compassion and strength ... life gets easier ... and real, gritty joy flows freely.
  • I teach Micro-Mindfulness tools for more satisfying relationships with partners, children, coworkers and self.

Hello! I'm Jessica Kiesler, a psychotherapist, relationship and addiction expert, and creator of the VisibleU™ system. 

I help busy adults carve out space for happier and more mindful relationships.

Do you feel like you're living in one of two extremes: either on-autopilot ... mildly checked-out while you meet all the demands of work, family and adulting ... or on-edge when you really just want to relax and connect with those you love.

You've heard mindfulness could help. Maybe you've tried a meditation app or yoga?

But here's the thing ... mindful and loving connection with partners, children, family & friends can't happen if there's not emotional space for it. 

When you're stressed in a bigger more chronic way, meditation or gratitude lists are going to feel inauthentic and unhelpful. I learned that from personal experience!  I've always been a rather driven person who yearns to contribute in big ways. But years ago I wasn't so great at being compassionate with myself. So I began to feel more irritable and unfulfilled than I was willing to tolerate.

Mindfulness seemed like a good answer. But meditation wasn't doing enough throughout the day when I wanted to be more patient, calm and present to the good moments in life.  I needed more emotional space to be mindful and connectable ... that's why I created a system of micro-mindfulness strategies you can use in your relationships.

You do have the power to be more present, compassionate and authentic in your relationships ... to stop living on-edge or on-autopilot. 

Feel free to look at my services or Mindfulness course to learn more. You can also enter your email below for access to the free Micro-Mindfulness Toolkit

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"I'm finding myself looking for the resources I know I have instead of throwing my hands up in frustration. I am truly grateful."


"You are by far the best coach I have ever worked with."


"I feel like I am getting more compassionate with myself and ironically I'm more able to give in the ways I was trying to before."




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