Are you in the right place?

Do you want more internal control of your thoughts and feelings?

Are you ready to stop overthinking or fixating on the to-do list?

Do you want to feel more calm and fulfilled?

... Be a better partner or parent?

Then you are in the right place. Mindfulness can help you enjoy your life and relationships more. But often you have to get the stress out of the way first. That's what micro-mindfulness strategies are all about.

  • Meditation can be a real struggle if you're too stressed
  • You need balance in your daily life BEFORE you can feel all the benefits of a meditation practice
  • You CAN be more present and calm throughout your day, when you set the right boundaries.
  • Micro-mindfulness strategies help you create healthy boundaries for your attention and relationships.

Hello! I'm Jessica Kiesler, a psychotherapist, relationship and addiction expert, and creator of the VisibleU™ system.

Do you feel like you're living in one of two extremes: Either on autopilot meeting all the demands of work, family and adulting, or 'on edge' when you really want to just relax and connect with those you love. 

You've heard that mindfulness can help. Maybe you've tried meditation or yoga.

But it’s hard to make time for those things. And sometimes, they just aren't enough to take back the internal control you want throughout your day.

You aren’t alone. When I first tried to get into mindfulness practices like meditation, it was a real struggle. It didn't seem to be enough. I needed more balance in my daily life FIRST ... micro-mindfulness strategies let you do just that.

You do have the power to create REAL balance in your life ... to stop living 'on autopilot' or 'on edge' all the time. 

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