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Attention & Focus

Stress hijacks our attention, and mindfulness is one the best antidotes. Coaching in the VisibleU™ system shows you a new way to prevent the habits that derail your focus and create distance in your relationships. It gives you a framework for new habits of focused, compassionate attention.

EQ & Self-Compassion

It's one thing to know you should practice self-care and self-compassion, but it's a whole different experience to believe that you deserve those things. Coaching in the VisibleU™ system shows you how to embrace your authenticity, so you can balance self-compassion with self-accountability.


Life is a juggling act. And what’s the toughest part? …balancing allegiance to your loved ones, your work and your own needs for rest and fulfillment. But the "right" boundaries in your habits and relationships can seem like an unattainable middle ground. Coaching in the VisibleU™ system shows you how to create authentic boundaries that balance self-care with the contributions you want to make at home and at work.


"I'm finding myself looking for the resources I know I have instead of throwing my hands up in frustration. I am truly grateful."


"You are by far the best coach I have ever worked with."


"I feel like I am getting more compassionate with myself and ironically I'm more able to give in the ways I was trying to before."


Mindfulness for Better Habits & Better Relationships

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