Hello! I'm Jessica Kiesler, a psychotherapist, relationship and addiction expert, and creator of the VisibleU™ system.

Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough of you to go around?

You're distracted when you want to relax. Or you see habits like overthinking, overeating, or over-scrolling ...  that you know aren't healthy.

You've heard that mindfulness can help. Maybe you've tried meditation or yoga.

But it’s hard to make time for those things ... or when you do ... you feel that resistance to slowing down ... the thoughts get going ... the urge to check a device kicks in ... and it almost seems like something is pushing you away from yourself doesn’t it?

You aren’t alone. When I first tried meditating, it was a real struggle. I would try to be calm, while my thoughts & feelings said otherwise.  More than once I thought... "How is this going to help me feel better? I'm not feeling calm and now I'm just more aware of it."

There's a better way, and I'd love to share it with you.  You do have the power to feel more settled in each moment ... without meditating for hours or pretending that you feel more calm than you actually do. Get started by entering your email below for your FREE Micro-Mindfulness Toolkit.

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"I feel like I am getting more compassionate with myself and ironically I'm more able to give in the ways I was trying to before."


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