Small-Group Classes & Trainings

The micro-mindfulness framework that I teach is simple and effective. It helps you act and communicate with authenticity and compassion, so you can be more calm & present with your partner, children, family, friends, coworkers and self.

The VisibleU framework gives you a set of tools that you can use in almost any situation to guide attention, thoughts and feelings away from stress and back to wellbeing.

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Workplace Wellness Trainings

The issue of workplace health is a passion for me after working as a consultant and managing clinical operations for a national Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Workplace stress takes a tremendous toll on employees and companies.

Mindfulness training can improve culture, productivity and most importantly ... employee morale and satisfaction. I provide workshops and trainings to help teams manage their stress and improve communication. I offer one-time sessions or ongoing consultations and workshops.

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