Small-Group Classes & Trainings

The VisibleU™ Method helps you more consciously manage your inner experience, in relation to the people and world around you. It gives you a roadmap to remain focused, strong, compassionate and authentic throughout your day.

The VisibleU™ Method shows you the key to balance in any situation, and the visualization that guides authentic and respectful interactions, no matter how stressful the circumstances.

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Workplace Wellness Trainings

The issue of workplace health is a passion for me after working as a consultant and managing clinical operations for a national Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Workplace stress takes a tremendous toll on employees and companies.

Micro-mindfulness training can improve culture, productivity and most importantly ... employee morale and satisfaction. I provide workshops and trainings to help teams manage their stress and improve communication. I offer consultations and workshops on the following topics:

Micro-Mindfulness 101

Micro-mindfulness for Relationships - The 6 C's of balanced relationships

Micro-mindfulness for Self-Compassion

Micro-mindfulness for Anger Management

Micro-mindfulness for Distraction

Micro-mindfulness for Stress Management

Micro-mindfulness for Joy and Fulfillment

Micro-mindfulness for Relationship Conflict

Micro-mindfulness for Loneliness

Micro-mindfulness for Assertive Communication

Micro-mindfulness for Pessimism

Micro-mindfulness for Perfectionism

Micro-mindfulness for Over-functioning & Burnout

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