Micro-Mindfulness Small-Group Training

Mindfulness is not something you are born with or not. It's a set of skills you can learn. And meditation is not the only way. To feel all the benefits of mindfulness that so many of us yearn for, you first need to make the emotional space for it. That's my speciality.

Small-group micro-mindfulness training gives you a set of tools that you can use in almost any situation to guide attention, thoughts and feelings away from stress and back to wellbeing.

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Workplace Wellness Trainings

The issue of workplace health is a passion for me after working as a consultant and managing clinical operations for a national Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Workplace stress takes a tremendous toll on employees and companies.

Mindfulness training can improve culture, productivity and most importantly ... employee morale and satisfaction. I provide workshops and trainings to help teams manage their stress and improve communication. I offer one-time sessions or ongoing consultations and workshops.

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