VisibleU Giving

VisibleU was developed, in part, to counteract the habits of distraction that are becoming so common in our chaotic lives.

Some forces of distraction, like internal stress, are natural. But external forces of distraction are increasingly leveraged by some for-profit media efforts.

There are of course many responsible media companies. But it is important to remember that for-profit endeavors are driven by just that ... profit.

The human beings who provide and consume the media must balance the drive for profit with heart. This sets responsibility for balanced use of media, on both the human creators AND the human consumers.

VisibleU is meant to increase users' skill in balancing their own screen & media consumption (along with a variety of other benefits). But Visible Self LLC is also committed to supporting healthy limits on the supply-side of screen and media influence.

So a portion of the profits from VisibleU subscriptions will be donated to organizations like the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, which support policies that do just that. Check out their good work here if you are interested in learning more.